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What I love most about my experience with Wojtek is his genuine concern for the wellbeing of his clients. From start to finish Wojtek did a fantastic job and responded to my inquiries and others within 48 hours. He is a genuinely great guy, friendly, and professional. Would recommend him to others


I would ask for Mr. Wilczynski’s help in any legal situation again. I also have recommended Mr. Wilczynski to a friend. When we first met I was very nervous, I had never talked to a lawyer before and I did not know how the court system worked. Mr. Wilczynski listened to my story and concerns with empathy and explained with care every step that we would make. Mr. Wilczynski told me that it was his job to help me and take the worry of the legal part away and he did. If I had any questions, he got back to me quickly with an answer. When it was time to go into court he talked me through every step and what to expect. I felt taken care of the whole way. I never felt alone in the courtroom. There was a point that some judges seemed like they didn’t want to do anything. Mr. Wilczynski kept working the system and didn’t give up. It is almost a year since all this has happened and I have to say if it wasn’t for Mr. Wilczynski’s hard work, my family would have lost everything and more.


I am proud to call this attorney MY ATTORNEY. I can to him in a time of distress when my family had a crisis. In a short time frame he was able to put together a resolve in my favor. He was diligent to get what I needed accomplished in a timely fashion. He explained the process thoroughly to me which kept me at ease through a very tiring and long drawn custody case. His service is great. I would highly recommend him to anyone!


I recently engaged The WPW Law Firm to institute a revocable trust for my estate. Mr. Wilczynski and his company came highly recommended and I couldn’t have been happier with guidance, support and services I received. Mr. Wilczynski was very accommodating and was willing to meet with me as needed to ensure that I thoroughly understood all aspects of the trust, will and other related documents pertaining to my estate. He provided invaluable guidance regarding the “ultimate objective” of my trust as well as a checklist of actions that needed to be completed once the trust was fully executed. I was completely satisfied with the outcome and would highly recommend Mr. Wilczynski and The WPW Law Firm.


I seldom write reviews but in the case of Wojtek, I am going to make an exception.This is a five-star review that is truly deserved. I came to the WPW Law Firm under dire circumstances. I am grateful for Wojtek; he’s an excellent attorney. He carefully weighs all the pros and cons and gives you the best guidance for your circumstances. You can never be 100% sure how a judge will rule but Wojtek gave me realistic options of what to expect. Having not spent much time with attorneys it was fantastic to find someone who was the complete opposite of the image I had in my head of an up-tight, condescending attorney who I had no idea if I could trust. Wojtek was incredibly knowledgeable and professional and I was delighted I’d found him. He couldn’t have been more helpful or friendly and I really felt like I was in safe hands. Wojtek is extremely thorough with a meticulous attention to detail that made a huge and clearly apparent difference in court. He was on top of each detail and knew my case forward and back even though I was far from his only client. Wojtek never made me feel rushed or ignored. All calls and email were returned or replied to in a timely fashion and he answered each question in detail. I do not think I could have gotten through the last year of litigation without him as my attorney. No matter how flustered or frustrated I got with the situation he always listened and gave me sound advice. I knew that not only would he fight for me but especially for my children. He didn’t waste any time filing the necessary paperwork in the judicial system, and made sure I was kept apprised at all times of next steps. You can rest assured Wojtek will always have your best interest in mind.If you are looking for someone to take as much stress as possible away from what could potentially be a very difficult situation – I cannot recommend him enough.


Wojtek is very knowledgeable and explained down to a tee all my options, answered the millions of questions I had, and gave it to me straight. He was very patient with me especially during times that I had a lot of anxiety. He also very importantly looked out for my best interest. I definitely consider him my long term attorney for any legal needs.



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